Immerse yourself in Nature’s wonder.

Experience the Sacred Honey Bee’s exquisite line of natural organic body products and irresistible raw honey.

The Sacred Honey Bee Natural Raw Honey Products
The Sacred Honey Bee

Australian Made

The Sacred Honey Bee

100% natural

The Sacred Honey Bee

Family Owned

The Sacred Honey Bee

Recyclable Packaging


The Sacred Honey Bee Honey is a pure, raw and local honey that has been removed straight from the hives.


Our deodorants ensure natures goodness is locked in for optimal health benefits

Lip Balms

Our 100% Natural Lip Balm soothes, relieves and provides the lips with a protection barrier lasting hours.


Our rubs contain the purest essential oils carefully selected by us to assist in healing the body


Our accessories are made from all natural materials

Experience the divine power of nature with our exquisite hand crafted creations

The Sacred Honey Bee is a family run business and our products are hand crafted in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia from natural and certified organic sourced ingredients.  We pride ourselves on creating 100% natural products that nourish and provide the body with beneficial healing properties.

The essential oils we use are carefully selected to create a beautiful mixture of blends that are not only healing for the body, but are divine and subtle in their aroma as well. Our oils used are certified organic, 100% pure and contain many benefits like anti inflammatory, antibacterial and anti oxidant properties just to name a few.

The Sacred Honey Bee
The Sacred Honey Bee
The Sacred Honey Bee
Sacred Honey Bee

Bi-Carb Free

Sacred Honey Bee

Plastic Free

Sacred Honey Bee

Palm Oil Free

Sacred Honey Bee

Aluminium Free

Sacred Honey Bee

Cruelty Free

Sacred Honey Bee

SLS & Preservative Free

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